Claudia (kitamikeita) wrote,

[+70 Multifandom Icons]

It's been a while since I last posted icons, but I wanted to wait until they were enough for one post.
As usual it's a multifandom mess, but that's how I like it (:
Since it's been a long time, you can even sense a little change of style ... I really should make them more often. Hope you like them :3
[The Vampire Diaries, Elementary, The Mortal Instruments, Nikita, My Mad Fat Diary, Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Nicki Minaj, Community, Taylor Swift, Arrow, Hemlock Grove, Orphan Black]


Please comment if you like or take anything.
Please credit me at my LJ if you use.
Please do not hotlink.
Do not claim my art as your own.
Do not edit any of my art. They are not bases.

20nov12_Caroline01 20nov12_Caroline02 20nov12_Caroline03 07dic12_Delena01 09dic12_Elena 01-05

10dic12_Delena 01mar13_Damon01 01mar13_Damon01b 01mar13_Damon02 01mar13_Damon02b 06-10

05apr13_Klaus01 05apr13_Klaus02 14mar13_Holmes01 14mar13_Holmes03 14mar13_Holmes02 11-15

23nov12_TMI01 23nov12_TMI02 23nov12_TMI03 23nov12_TMI04 23nov12_TMI05 16-20

18dic12_Niki&Mikey01 19dic12_Niki&Mikey02 28feb13_RaeFinn03 21feb13_RaeFinn 26feb13_RaeFinn02 21-25

17gen13_JesseP_3x13_01 14feb13_JesseP_3x13_02 14feb13_JesseP_3x13_03 05mag13_AaronPaul01 28mar13_LBD02 26-30

26mar13_LBD01 14apr13_Freedoom02 18apr13_Alex01 18apr13_Alex02 20apr13_Alex03 31-35

09mag13_Britta01 10mag13_Britta02 11mag13_Britta03 14mag13_Annie01-2 14mag13_Annie01 36-40

14nov12_BeginAgain01 14nov12_BeginAgain02 14nov12_BeginAgain03 14nov12_BeginAgain05 14nov12_BeginAgain0441-45

03gen13_TaylorSwift_01 01no12_Arrow01 01no12_Arrow02 01no12_Arrow03 01no12_Arrow04 46-50

24giu13_Roman05 21giu13_Roman01 21giu13_Roman02 23giu13_Roman03 51-55

negative space blocking fusion central crop no face
red blue yellow purple green
one two three four five

*I had to edit the post since I forgot to add some icons (41-50), sorry

01-12 » The Vampire Diaries
13-15 » Elementary (Sherlock Holmes)
16-20 » The Mortal Instruments (Clary Fray)
21-22 » Nikita
23-25 » My Mad Fat Diary
26-28 » Breaking Bad (Jesse Pinkman)
29-29 » Aaron Paul
30-31 » The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
32-32 » Nicki Minaj (Freedom)
33-35 » Nikita (Alexandra Udinov)
36-40 » Community (Britta Perry & Annie Edison)
41-45 » Taylor Swift (Begin Again)
46-46 » Taylor Swift
47-50 » Arrow (Oliver Queen)
51-55 » Hemlock Grove (Roman Godfrey)
56-70 » Orphan Black

Tags: !icons, actor: aaron paul, movie: the mortal instruments, musician: nicki minaj, musician: taylor swift, tv: arrow, tv: breaking bad, tv: community, tv: elementary, tv: hemlock grove, tv: my mad fat diary, tv: nikita, tv: orphan black, tv: the vampire diaries, web series: the lizzie bennet diaries
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